The Top Tech Exec Awards FAQs are intended to provide a better understanding of this event, the nomination process, judging information, and sponsorship opportunities. If you have additional questions, please email info@toptechexecs.com.


Q. When does the nomination process begin and how can I receive notification that it is open?

A. The nomination process opens in January. Please click here to be included to be included on all email announcements related to Top Tech Exec Awards.

Q. What is the time commitment for the nomination process?

A. It takes approximately one hour to thoroughly complete a nomination form.

Q.Who is eligible to be nominated?

A. All nominees must be an information technology executive whose primary function is to carry the ultimate responsibility for their organization’s information technology. Examples include Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, or Director of Technology. In smaller companies, however, the function is likely more important than the title. This award is specifically targeting those behind-the-scenes “unsung heroes” who make it possible for their business to do business. Consultants, vendors, and system integrators are not eligible, unless the work for which they are being nominated was solely for their own company.

Q. Who is NOT eligible to be nominated?

A. Information technology executives at sponsor companies and companies where the judges are employed are not eligible to be nominated, or to receive the Cox Business Exemplary or Lifetime Achievement Awards.

Q. What is the nomination process?

A. Please click here to learn about the nomination process.

Q. How are finalists selected?

A. Finalists are actually the Qualified Nominees. Selection as a qualified nominee means that the nominee has met the criteria set by our judges of being an information technology leader, and specifically a person who leads his or her organization’s IT Department and accelerates business through astounding uses of technology. Nominees are notified if they qualified or not in late March.

Q. What does this award program entail for the qualified nominees?

A. All qualified nominees receive recognition in local media news publications and are announced on the evening of the Top Tech Exec Awards. All nominees receive two free tickets to the event, attendance at the VIP reception and a framed certificate. All honorees receive the above-mentioned, along with a framed award and write-up in the San Diego Business Journal.

Q. Do I have to be a subscriber to the San Diego Business Journal or client of Cox Business to be included?

A. No.

Q. Is there a fee associated with being nominated?

A. There is no fee to submit a nomination.

Q. Is there a fee to attend the event?

A. Tickets will be available online to attend the event for 60.00 in advance and 65.00 at the door. The event is open to the public so all are welcome to attend. Note that nominees, regardless of qualification will be allotted a complimentary ticket for them and a guest.


Q. What is the judging process?

A. Please click here to review the judging process.

Q. Who are the judges?

A. The identities of the judging panel remain confidential until the close of the judging process. Each judge is an expert in his or her field, and many are previous Top Tech Exec Award honorees. For more information on the judging process, please click here.

Q. How many award recipients are selected?
A. The number of honorees varies, with at least one in each category.

Q. How can I become a judge?

A. Please email info@toptechexecs.com to be considered.


Q. When is the Top Tech Exec Awards? And who is invited?

A. The 2018 event will be Thursday, May 10th from 4 to 8 p.m. Please click here for more information. The event is open to the public.

Q. Who should attend this event?

A. Information technology professionals at all levels, business leaders in all industries, C-level executives, and those who wish to network with this talent pool.

Q. What happens at the event?

A. Please click here to see the schedule of events.

Q. What is the attire of the event?

A. Business attire. As the event is held on part concrete and partial turf, stiletto-type heels are discouraged.

Q. Is this event a sit-down dinner?

A. This is a cocktail reception, not a sit down dinner.
This event features heavy hors d’oeuvres and hosted craft beer, wine and beverages. We serve top of the line food with an ample amount to cover the needs of all. Gluten free and vegetarian options are available.


Q. How does my company become a sponsor of the Top Tech Exec Awards?

A. If you are interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities of the Top Tech Exec Awards, please email info@toptechexecs.com.